About our Images

Every country sets it own laws, but most copyright laws follow the same basic principles.

The bullets:
  • Every photograph has a copyright held by the photographer
  • The photographer may sell or give away these rights
  • The photographer or copyright holder are free to publish their images
  • Unless a person or trademark is clearly recognisable
  • In which case the publisher must obtain a "model release" signed by the person in the image

  • Most images used on FreeFlyingDuck Gear have been given to us free of copyright
  • All other images are licensed for conditional use, for example; Creative Commons
  • We are very grateful to the photographers
  • Very grateful

  • We have no intention of publishing images of individual pilots
  • As far as we are aware no-one is identifyable in the images we use
  • The PG & HG community is a small one
  • So we accept that you may be able to work it out based on the wing and the terrain

If you recognise something in our images and think we are being unfair in any way, please contact us on . We would prefer not to, but we will drop the use of an image if you have a serious concern.

We would like to thank the following photographers for their generosity in allowing us to use their images, either as photographs or as the basis for a graphic representation.

Thanks guys

Carsten Clasohm
Pete Coleman
David Corby
Carol Gale
John Grech
Carl Hixon
Koldo Hormaza
Hollie Jeans
Jakub Krupa
Manfred Laudahn
James Lin
James Longwell
Jonathan Oakley
Vincenzo Piazza
Eliya Selhub
Joe Sullivan
Pat Swan
Marcelo Terraza
Mihai Tilinca
Richard Toth
Pascal Vuylsteker
David Watterson


We have not published email addresses & contact details of the photographers as we are concerned it would produce an increase in the automatic spam they would receive. If you wish to contact them, just mail us and we will put you in touch.

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