The Gear

To get the full picture, we recommend you read the quick summary About FreeFlyingDuck first.

Our abilities stretch to designing stuff for pilots. Stuff to wear mainly. But also stuff to drink out of. Stuff to stick to your car. Stuff to stick to your fridge. Stuff to hang on the wall. We do other stuff too...

What we aren't capable of is making a t-shirt, stitching a baseball cap, printing a mug or framing a poster. So we don't. We don't manufacture any of our gear, we leave that to the specialists.

We use, a reputable company to whom we have given our designs. The FreeFlyingDuck Gear you order will be made by them and shipped direct to you with all the usual money-back guarantees, helpline numbers and credit-card security measures you need to feel secure.

This method of production and supply allows us at FreeFlyingDuck to concentrate on what we are good at without the major expense of credit-card clearing systems, secure website maintenance and having to constantly monitor a variety of manufacturers. Using lets us get FreeFlyingDuck Gear to the free flying world quickly and professionally without breaking the bank. offer us the ability to choose the quality of our gear too. Our t-shirts, for example, can be made of materials of varying weave, and the method of printing is also chosen by us. We decided that FreeFlyingDuck Gear should only be available using the best materials. Again our t-shirts offer a good example, we only use the heaviest weave and we only offer direct printing to produce a longer lasting, better quality design. FreeFlyingDuck Gear will last because it's well designed and it's well made.

Our market (that's you) is not a large one and as such we would not be able to produce FreeFlyingDuck Gear without such a streamlined approach and lowered costs.

Much of our gear makes heavy use of paragliding and hanggliding photographs. If you would like to know more about our images please visit the FreeFlyingDuck Images summary.

FreeFlyingDuck Gear. Designed in the EU. Made in the US. Shipped Worldwide.

Paragliding and hanggliding t-shirts.