Custom Designs & Commissioned Work

We design piles of gear as standard and offer it to anyone who likes it. As we enjoy a challenge we also offer to create custom gear on request.

The bullets:
  • Organising a comp this year?
    How on earth are you going to dream up a new design for this years comp T-shirt without it looking like last years in a different colour? Seems clear to us, you need help from FreeFlyingDuck. Just get in touch, together we can work something out.

  • Need some damn cool T-shirts for your fly-guiding service?
    We all want to buy a T-shirt to remind us of that week in Spain/Turkey/Alps/Utah(*) when Steve/Jocky/Bruce/Chris(*) helped us up our personal best by 10k or try that manoeuvre we've always wanted to try. So if you are one of those sky-gods who takes us ordinary mortals for our annual pilgrimage to cloudbase and back, get in touch because we can help you come up with a design to tempt them back next year.
    (* delete as appropriate)

  • All going on a group trip this year?
    Don't go to PC-World and buy that iron-on rubbish and a cheap T-shirt from the supermarket. Contact us and together we can come up with a memorable, professional design that is printed to last and won't cost that much more. It'll be something worthwhile to remember that holiday by and something half-decent to be photographed in on takeoff and at 2am in town. We're thinking something more original than "XC Hounds, HillTop Tour, 2003".

  • Got your own great idea for gear?
    Guess you've got three choices really:
    • Go out and get some iron-on paper for your PC and a cheap T-shirt from the local supermarket. This will give you a funny T-shirt that makes you laugh, makes everyone else smile, and will wash off in 6 weeks. Leaving you with a cheap streaky T-shirt and 9 blank sheets of iron-on paper sitting by your printer.
    • Visit and do it yourself. You just need to create your design using PhotoShop, Gimp or even MS-Word for that catchy one-liner. At least you'll get a good T-Shirt at the end of the day and although it'll make you laugh it will most likely make everyone else smile politely while they privately wonder why you chose "Times New Roman" font before you hit the "Print" button.
    • OR get in touch with us. We fully accept that we're not the funniest people in the world, though you'd never tell by looking. You tell us your spankin' idea and we play around with it a bit. If we like it too, we can get together to make gear based on your idea. This way you'll get a professionally designed, good quality implementation of your idea and we'll get more sales & turnover for FreeFlyingDuck. In this world good ideas always get full credit & public recognition(*), so we'll quietly share the profits with you, no problem.
      (* actually they don't, they nearly always get grabbed by someone wearing an expensive suit**)
      (** we don't wear expensive suits)

We don't charge very much for creating designs or helping you come up with the killer logos and the memorable one-liners, just a little to cover our costs. We make almost all our profits selling the gear.

Just visit the Contact Details page for how to get hold of us.

Paragliding and hanggliding t-shirts.