About FreeFlyingDuck

So what's it all about then? And why? And what does FreeFlyingDuck mean?

The bullets:
  • FreeFlyingDuck is a small group of free flyers
  • We have spent the best part of the last decade and the whole of this century flying
  • We came to the conclusion there simply isn't enough gear for free flyers (it took a while)
  • We thought we could fix this god-awful situation
  • Maybe

  • There are many brands associated with extreme sports or at least off-the-sofa sports
  • Billabong, O'Neill, Quicksilver, Reef, Rip Curl to name just a few, and they sell pretty well
  • Generally, because they look pretty good, we figured
  • We can't beat that, we thought

  • Maybe we could produce a range of free-flying gear that could stand up alongside them
  • Our areas of specialist knowledge seemed to be:
    • We fly PG or HG
    • Humour; after years sitting on hilltops waiting for the wind...
    • We have spare time during our day jobs to sit and daydream about flying
  • These were big clues

  • Then came the plan
  • All we have to do is:
    • Daydream about flying gear as well
    • Make some
    • Sell some

  • ... to be continued ...

Oh, and the name FreeFlyingDuck?
Rod has been using this "handle" as his nickname or login for PG forums for the last 10 years.
He doesn't remember why.
The closest we could come to shedding any light on it for him was to video him in flight.

Paragliding and hanggliding t-shirts.